Fall Semester Starting

It was a long hot summer, but life is returning to normal with school and grades and bed times.  A lot of parents are trying to help their kids start the academic year strong.  In order for kids to do well in school, they need to have the ability to self manage their time, their emotions, and their relationships.  


In Jiu Jitsu, we work on all of these things.  We are constantly striving to make students who are competent in grappling but also better listeners, more in control and more empathetic with other kids.  

If you have never trained with us before or are anxious to get your kid back on the mat, now is the perfect time.  We offer classes three days a week divided by age and skill, and we are open to kids of all background and abilities.  

We have limited room in our classes so best to get while the getting is good.  

Click here for info on pricing and availability: http://parkcirclejj.com/pricing/

or text me, Joseph for more info 843.870.0410